Minimize machine setup, inspect 100% of containers at line speed and eliminate costly downtime across manufacturing and packaging facilities using Volcano Check for glass containers. Volcano brings checks into focus—even the most difficult-to-spot checks—to protect the quality of your product and the reputation of your brand.

    With two multi-axis advanced imaging stations built around patented illumination and optics, this inspection solution eliminates the need for operators to manually align sensors and requires no container-specific tooling to rotate bottles. Volcano Check also features powerful tools to aid machine operators in their tasks, including:


    A finish-specific tool providing the ability to make pass/fail decisions while requiring no machine training or calibration. A simple setting adjustment supports fast job changeover for the bottle being inspected.


    A self-learning AI-based tool is easily calibrated by taking an image without a container in the field of view. Users can then go online and prompt the tool to “train” and automatically start inspecting.

    volcano applied vision


    volcano applied vision

    Advanced learning and comparative algorithms combined with easy-to-configure job settings and thresholds that are stored within the system. Operators can recall jobs with a touch of a button―no further setup is required




    Including Volcano® Sealing Surface and Base (SSB) and Volcano® Sidewall (SW), the complete Volcano multistation inspection suite provides a broader look at the quality of glass containers.

    Implement virtually any inspection sequence required using Volcano Check as a standalone or electronically coupled solution.